Leaders – Vacant

Our Purpose:

The Communications Ministry has a remit to ensure that clear lines of communication exist between the two churches, within each church, between all parishioners and the Ministry Teams, and from the Parish to participating and interested outside agencies.

It also requires us to explore and adopt ways of evangelisation for the promotion of our faith, parish and communities to a much wider population. The promotion of our faith and our parish in a proactive manner is essential. This includes creating leaflets that inform everyone of what roles our Ministries and Teams undertake. Looking at the ways in which we signpost our parish and communities and how such signposting can be updated. The provision of “flyers” and posters detailing various events within our Churches for specific times of the year, e.g. Easter & Christmas, such to be for both parish and general distribution.

Last, but by no means least, the encouragement of additional and innovative members to join the communications teams.


  • Information provided for the website in conjunction with the Priest, other Ministries and Teams, and the office.
  • In consultation with any of the other Ministry Teams, to arrange and produce consultation forms, promotions or information, to be passed to parishioners or other Agencies.
  • To assist in making sure that members of our community are aware of who their Parish, Pastoral Team members are for both churches by organising ‘Meet & Greet’ sessions.
  • Representing the views of the Team and the Parishioners at the PPT meetings.
    Communicating relevant information to existing and potential new parishioners, and the wider populace.
  • Ensuring that relevant ‘Welcome’ notice boards in the churches display all current information for parishioners and visitors about our Community, how it is run, and how our members can share in providing assistance to the community as a whole.
  • To provide details about forthcoming events in the parish, the deanery and the Diocese for the Newsletter.
  • Where relevant, to ensure that events are relayed and reported in local media and other areas such as the A & B News.
  • To maintain our link with our parish schools. Our link with St Mary Star of the Sea primary school is invaluable, and the reporting of successes, achievements and the involvement of the school in our parish is important.
  • Liaison with the Youth Ministry and Community Development is crucial for ensuring that we involve the younger members of our Parish when considering changes to existing practices.
  • To ensure that Minutes of our meetings are made available for parishioners by displaying these in an easily accessible area.
  • To endeavour to ensure that all forms of communication reflect our Mission statement.
  • Our motive to communicate is to proclaim the Gospel through our service to the community and the witness of our individual lives.