Synod 2021 – 2023

The Parish of the Good Shepherd is participating in the Synod established by Pope Francis. This participation is in conjunction with the Formation Team of the Diocese.

Our parish delegate is Margaret Guye who is contactable via email:

Calling all the laity! Pope Francis is calling all of us, young and old, parents, single people, those from all backgrounds to be involved in the “Synodal Path” , a way to “walk with Jesus”. It’s purpose is to “inspire us… make our hopes flourish…restore strength for our common mission. To this end our diocese has prepared materials for Parish Advent Groups. All are welcome.

We will keep this page updated as things progress and here is a link to our Diocesan page

Parish meetings are being held on the following dates:

Saturday 4th December: Holy Redeemer Hall from 10:45 to 12.15pm

Saturday, 11th December: Holy Redeemer Church from 10.45 to 12.15pm

Saturday 18th December: Holy Redeemer Hall from 10.45 until 12.15pm

There is an online survey for those who would like to contribute to the Synod process, but are either unable or unwilling to attend in person meeting:

The questions and reflection points for the meetings can be found here:

FAQ’s can be found here:

Junior Synod Guide can be found here:

Bishop Richard’s Pastoral Letter about the Synod can be read here:

More information about the Synod can be found here: